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Pixel Solutions Database Project

This was a project for a Database publishing class. I created a company called Pixel Solutions and this is the plan created for the class.

Pixel Solutions is a local store located in Rochester, NY. We have a website about Pixel Solution and the products we sell and also an online store. We sell both professional and consumer cameras and accessories for those cameras. We will be focusing mostly on an outreach program for first time customers of Pixel Solution. 

The first touchpoint will be a thank you letter thanking the customer for their purchase based on the information we already have. This letter will have a short survey that asks the customer if they own any other cameras, the main purpose for their camera, and the main reason why they purchase the camera (a sale, an advertisement, a recommendation, etc.). 

The second touchpoint will be a postcard based on the results of the survey we will send deals on accessories. For example if the customer is a professional we will send them information on accessories targeted towards professional user and the same if they are consumers. In order to use the postcard to get the deal the customer will have to give their name and the camera that the accessory will be used for. 

The third toughpoint will be a catalog that will be customized based on the other touchpoints. First if the customer owns other cameras that Pixel Solutions sells then the catalog will have accessories for that camera and also updated versions of that camera; if it is more then two years old. Also based on the second touchpoint if the customer uses the deals to buy an accessory then those accessories will not appear in the catalog. If the customer did not use the deals from the postcards then the catalog will have other deals for those accessories. The catalog will also contain “People who bought your camera also bought…” to inform the customer about other products that they may be interested in buying.

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